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Unlocking Your Style: The Perfect Glasses for Oblong Faces

Unlocking the Secrets of Face Shapes: Finding the Perfect Glasses for an Oblong FaceHave you ever wondered why some glasses look amazing on your friend but make you look like a completely different person? It might all come down to the shape of your face.

Yes, that’s right identifying your face shape can be the key to finding the perfect glasses that flatter your features and enhance your natural beauty. In this article, we will explore the different face shapes and focus on the oblong face shape.

We will delve into its characteristics and measurements, and then dive into the world of glasses, discovering the best frames for oblong faces. So, let’s get ready to rock your new look!

Different Face Shapes and Their Characteristics

Before we can identify an oblong face shape, let’s take a closer look at the various face shapes out there. Each type has its own unique characteristics, which can help us determine which glasses styles will best suit them.

– Round Face: Soft contours with equal width and length. Circular in appearance.

– Square Face: Strong jawlines and prominent angles. Equal width across the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.

– Oval Face: Balanced proportions with a gently curved jawline. Forehead is slightly wider than the chin.

– Heart-Shaped Face: Wide forehead, tapering down to a small, pointy chin. – Diamond Face: Prominent cheekbones and narrow forehead and jawline.

Diamond-shaped faces are rare but striking.

Identifying an Oblong Face Shape

Now that we know the characteristics of different face shapes, it’s time to focus on the oblong face shape. Often confused with oval faces, oblong faces have a longer length and a narrower width.

The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all about the same width, creating a balanced appearance. Whereas oval faces have gentle curves, oblong faces have more angular features.

To identify if you have an oblong face shape, follow these simple steps:

1. Measure Your Face: Using a flexible tape measure, record the following measurements the length of your face from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin, the width of your forehead at the widest point, and the width of your jawline at its widest point.

2. Compare the Measurements: If your face length is significantly longer than the width of your forehead and jawline, congratulations you have an oblong face shape!

Best Glasses for Oblong Faces

Now that you know you have an oblong face shape, it’s time to dive into the world of glasses and discover the frames that will make your features shine. Here are some tips and specific glasses styles that are perfect for oblong faces:

Frame Styles that Work Well for Oblong Faces

When choosing glasses for an oblong face shape, the goal is to create balance and add width to the face. Here are some frame styles that work particularly well:

– Wide Frames: Opt for glasses with wider frames that will help visually shorten the face.

– Round or Curved Frames: Soften the angles of the face by choosing frames with rounded or curved edges. – Decorative Temples: Glasses with decorative temples or arms can draw attention to the sides of the face, creating the illusion of width.

Specific Glasses Styles for Oblong Faces

Now that we have covered the general frame styles for oblong faces, let’s explore some specific glasses styles that will bring out the best in your features:

– Bold Frames: Bold, thick frames can add width to your face and create a striking statement. – Square Glasses: Square frames can help balance the length of an oblong face and add angles that complement your features.

– Cat-Eye Glasses: The upswept corners of cat-eye glasses can create the illusion of lifted cheekbones, balancing the proportions of your face. – Aviator Glasses: Aviator glasses with their wider frames and bold bridge details are a great option for oblong faces, adding width to the forehead and balancing out your look.

Incorporating these stunning glasses styles into your wardrobe will not only enhance your face shape but also amp up your overall style game.


In conclusion, understanding your face shape is crucial when it comes to finding glasses that suit you perfectly. By identifying your oblong face shape and choosing the right frames whether they are wide, round, or have decorative details you can showcase your unique features and enhance your natural beauty.

So, go out there, armed with this knowledge, and explore the vast world of glasses to find the perfect pair that will make you feel confident and ready to take on the world!

Frames to Avoid for Oblong Faces

Frames That Further Elongate the Face

While finding the right glasses for an oblong face is essential, it’s equally important to avoid frames that can exacerbate the elongated features of this face shape. Here are some frames to steer clear of:


Extremely Narrow Frames: Frames that are too narrow or small can make your face appear even longer. Avoid thin, small frames that will emphasize the length of your face.

2. Geometric or Angular Frames: Frames with strong angles can emphasize the angular features of an oblong face shape.

Square or rectangular frames with sharp corners should be avoided, as they can make your face look longer and narrower. 3.

Narrow Nose Bridges: Frames with a narrow nose bridge can further elongate an oblong face shape. Look for glasses with wider nose bridges to create balance and prevent your face from looking even more elongated.

Oversized and Round Frames to Avoid

While oversized frames are trendy and can look fantastic on many face shapes, they are not the best choice for oblong faces. Here are some specific frames to avoid:


Oversized Frames: Extra-large frames that cover a significant portion of your face can overwhelm the features of an oblong face shape. These frames can make your face appear even longer and throw off the balance you’re looking for.

Opt for frames that are more proportional to your face size. 2.

Round Frames: While round frames can soften angular features on other face shapes, they can make an oblong face shape appear even longer. Round frames tend to emphasize the length of the face, so it’s best to steer clear of this style if you have an oblong face shape.

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for glasses to ensure you select frames that flatter your oblong face shape rather than exaggerating its proportions.

Celebrities with Oblong Faces

Famous Celebrities with Oblong Face Shapes

It’s always inspiring to look to the stars for style inspiration, and there are several famous celebrities with oblong face shapes who know how to work their features to their advantage. Let’s take a look at some well-known figures:


Sarah Jessica Parker: The “Sex and the City” star has a classic oblong face shape. She often rocks bold, statement glasses with thicker frames, adding width and balance to her features.

2. Liv Tyler: Known for her striking beauty, Liv Tyler is another celebrity with an oblong face shape.

She often opts for glasses with rounded edges or cat-eye shapes, which soften her angles and complement her facial contours. 3.

Adam Levine: Even men can have oblong face shapes, as seen with the lead singer of Maroon 5. Adam Levine often chooses square or rectangular frames that add width to his face and create a balanced look.

Celebrities Who Know How to Accentuate Their Long Contours

Not only do these celebrities have oblong face shapes, but they also know how to accentuate their long contours and make the most of their unique features. Let’s explore some of their styling techniques:


Reese Witherspoon: With her oblong face shape, Reese Witherspoon often pairs glasses with a bold browline. This style draws attention to her eyes and adds width to the upper part of her face, creating a harmonious balance.

2. Ryan Gosling: Like Adam Levine, Ryan Gosling showcases how men with oblong face shapes can rock the right glasses.

He often chooses thicker frames with rounded edges to soften his features and add flattering proportions to his face. 3.

Zachary Quinto: The “Star Trek” actor has an oblong face shape, and he often opts for glasses with decorative temples or arms. This detail draws attention to the sides of his face, creating the illusion of width and enhancing his overall look.

Take inspiration from these celebrities and the glasses styles they choose to enhance their oblong face shapes. With the right frames and styling techniques, you too can rock your unique features and exude confidence and style.


Understanding which frames to avoid and finding inspiration from celebrities with oblong face shapes can greatly assist you in choosing the perfect glasses for your own face. By avoiding frames that further elongate your features and opting for styles that add width and balance, you’ll be well on your way to finding glasses that complement your oblong face shape.

So, put these tips into practice, explore different frame styles, and embrace your unique beauty with glasses that make a statement!

Finding the Right Fit for Oblong Faces

Unlimited Options for Choosing Eyewear for Oblong Faces

When it comes to choosing eyewear for oblong faces, the possibilities are truly endless. With the right fit and style, you can enhance your features and exude confidence.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the world of eyewear for oblong faces:

1. Consider Different Frame Shapes: While there are certain frame styles that work well for oblong faces, don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes.

Try on frames with round edges, upswept corners, or even semi-rimless styles. You might be surprised by how some unconventional shapes can beautifully complement your features.

2. Embrace Bold Colors and Patterns: Glasses provide an opportunity to add a pop of color or pattern to your overall look.

Consider frames in bold hues like red, blue, or tortoiseshell patterns for a stylish and unique statement. Just be sure to choose colors that complement your skin tone and hair color.

3. Explore Different Materials: From metal to acetate and even wood, eyewear comes in a variety of materials.

While acetate frames are often a popular choice for oblong faces due to their versatility and ability to add width, don’t be afraid to try different materials and textures to find the perfect fit for your personal style.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Fit and Avoiding Frame Mistakes

Choosing the right fit for your glasses is crucial for both comfort and aesthetics. Here are some tips for finding the perfect fit and avoiding common frame mistakes:


Pay Attention to Frame Width: Frames that are too narrow can make your face appear longer, while frames that are too wide can overwhelm your features. Look for frames that are slightly wider than the widest part of your face to create balance and enhance your oblong shape.

2. Opt for Adjustable Nose Pads: Glasses with adjustable nose pads can ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

This feature allows you to customize the fit of your glasses, ensuring they sit in the optimal position on your face. 3.

Check the Temple Length: The temple length refers to the arms of the glasses that rest on your ears. Make sure the temples are long enough to fit snugly but comfortably without causing any pressure points.

If the temples are too short, they may create a tight fit or push the glasses forward on your face. 4.

Consider Lens Size: The size of the lenses can greatly impact how the glasses sit on your face. For oblong faces, slightly larger lenses can be flattering and help balance out the length of your face.

However, make sure the lenses don’t extend too far down, as this can further elongate your face. 5.

Visit an Optician: If you’re unsure about finding the right fit or simply want professional advice, consider visiting an optician. They can help measure your face, suggest frames that suit your oblong face shape, and ensure the glasses fit properly.

By following these tips and avoiding common frame mistakes, you’ll be able to find eyewear that fits you perfectly and complements your oblong face shape.


Finding the right fit for your glasses is essential when you have an oblong face shape. With unlimited options to choose from, you can explore different frame shapes, materials, colors, and patterns to find eyewear that truly represents your personal style.

Remember to pay attention to frame width, nose pads, temple length, and lens size to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit. If needed, seek guidance from an optician to make the process even smoother.

With the perfect fit, you’ll not only see clearly but also exude confidence and style, embracing your unique oblong face shape with pride. In conclusion, finding the right glasses for an oblong face shape is crucial for enhancing features and exuding confidence.

By understanding different face shapes, identifying an oblong face, and avoiding frames that elongate the face, you can make informed choices. Consider frame styles that add width and balance, embrace bold colors and patterns, and explore various materials for your eyewear.

When it comes to fit, pay attention to frame width, adjustable nose pads, temple length, and lens size. Seeking guidance from an optician can also be beneficial.

With the perfect fit, you can showcase your unique beauty, exude style, and leave a lasting impression. So, embrace your oblong face shape, find glasses that flatter you, and see the world in style.

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