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Unlocking Savings: Factors and Options for Affordable Prescription Sunglasses

Factors Affecting Cost of Prescription SunglassesPrescription sunglasses are a must-have accessory for those who require corrective lenses and want to protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. However, the cost of prescription sunglasses can vary greatly depending on various factors.

In this article, we will explore the factors that affect the cost of prescription sunglasses and discuss the limitations of prescription lenses and frames.

Factors that Determine Cost

1. Designer and Brand Name:

– Designer and brand name sunglasses often come with a higher price tag due to their reputation for quality and style.

– Popular brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Gucci tend to have higher prices compared to lesser-known brands. 2.

Frame Size:

– The size of the frame plays a role in the cost of prescription sunglasses. – Larger frames may require more material and labor, resulting in a higher price.

– Additionally, unique or customized frame designs can also increase the cost. 3.

Seasonal Trends:

– Just like fashion trends, sunglasses have seasonal trends as well. – Sunglasses in high demand during certain seasons may have higher prices due to increased popularity.

4. Prescription Power:

– The strength and complexity of your prescription can also affect the cost of your prescription sunglasses.

– Higher prescription power may require more specialized lenses, which can increase the price. 5.

Where You Purchase:

– The place where you purchase your prescription sunglasses can influence the cost. – Optometrists and eye clinics usually offer a wider range of options but tend to have higher prices.

– Online retailers may offer more affordable prices due to lower overhead costs.

Vision Insurance Coverage

1. Vision Insurance:

– Having vision insurance coverage can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket costs of prescription sunglasses.

– Many vision insurance plans provide coverage for prescription sunglasses, either partially or fully. – Popular vision insurance providers like Aetna Vision Preferred, EyeMed, Humana Vision, and UniView Vision offer various coverage options.

2. Coverage Limitations:

– It is essential to understand the limitations of your vision insurance coverage.

– Some plans may have restrictions on the brands or frame styles they cover. – They may also require you to visit specific providers or use specific lens materials.

– Checking with your vision insurance provider regarding coverage details can help you make informed decisions.

Prescription Lenses and Frames

Limitations of Prescription Lenses

1. Optical Grade Frames:

– Prescription lenses are designed to be fitted into optical grade frames.

– These frames are specifically manufactured to hold prescription lenses securely. – Using non-prescription frames may compromise the lens fit and potentially impact your vision.

2. Licensed Manufacturers:

– It is important to purchase prescription lenses and frames from licensed manufacturers.

– Licensed manufacturers adhere to quality standards and regulations, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the lenses. 3.

Retail Store vs. Eye Doctor:

– Retail stores often offer a wide variety of frames at a lower cost compared to eye doctors’ offices.

– However, eye doctors’ offices provide professional guidance and expertise in selecting the right frames for your prescription. 4.

Removing Non-Prescription Lenses:

– If you have a favorite non-prescription pair of sunglasses, it may be possible to have them fitted with prescription lenses. – However, this may not always be feasible based on the frame’s design or the complexity of your prescription.

Transition Lenses vs. Prescription Sunglasses


Transition Lenses:

– Transition lenses, also known as photochromic lenses, are eyeglass lenses that darken automatically when exposed to sunlight. – Transition lenses provide both prescription and sun-protection in one pair of glasses.

– They are a convenient option for those who frequently move between indoor and outdoor environments. 2.

UV Protection:

– Prescription sunglasses offer dedicated protection against harmful UV rays. – They are designed with specific tint and coatings to block UVA and UVB rays, reducing the risks of eye damage caused by prolonged sun exposure.


In this article, we have discussed the factors that affect the cost of prescription sunglasses, including designer and brand name, frame size, seasonal trends, prescription power, and where you make your purchase. We have also explored the limitations of prescription lenses and frames, such as the importance of optical grade frames and licensed manufacturers.

Additionally, we compared transition lenses with prescription sunglasses, highlighting their respective advantages. By considering these factors and understanding your vision insurance coverage, you can make informed decisions when purchasing prescription sunglasses.

Where to Find Inexpensive Prescription Sunglasses

Purchasing Options

When it comes to finding inexpensive prescription sunglasses, there are several purchasing options available to consider. By exploring different avenues, you can discover great deals and save money without compromising on quality.

1. Online Retailers:

Online retailers have become a popular choice for purchasing prescription sunglasses due to their convenience and competitive pricing.

These retailers often offer a wide range of styles and options at lower costs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar frame stores. Additionally, most online retailers provide the option to customize your sunglasses by selecting frame style, color, lens type, and tint.

Some reputable online retailers that offer affordable prescription sunglasses include:

– As the name suggests, this online retailer specializes in budget-friendly eyewear, including prescription sunglasses. They offer a range of frame styles and various lens options, allowing you to find an affordable pair that suits your preferences.

– With discounted prices and frequent promotions, is dedicated to providing quality eyewear at affordable prices. They offer a vast selection of fashionable frames and lens options for prescription sunglasses.

– EyeBuyDirect: Known for their affordable pricing and customer-friendly policies, EyeBuyDirect offers a wide range of stylish prescription sunglasses. They have frequent sales and promotions that can help you find a great deal on your desired pair.

– As a trusted online eyewear retailer, offers a diverse range of prescription sunglasses at various price points. Their website features a user-friendly interface that allows you to search by style, brand, and price, making it easier to find affordable options.

– is another popular online destination for affordable prescription sunglasses. They offer a vast collection of frames from both well-known brands and their in-house line, catering to different style preferences and budgets.

2. Brick-and-Mortar Frame Stores:

While online retailers offer great convenience and affordability, it’s worth considering visiting brick-and-mortar frame stores as well.

Physical stores provide an opportunity to try on different frames and receive personalized assistance from experienced staff. Many frame stores also run seasonal specials, sales, and bundle offers that can make prescription sunglasses more affordable.

3. Eye Doctor’s Office:

Another option to explore is your eye doctor’s office.

They often have a selection of sunglasses available for purchase, and while they may not have the extensive range that online retailers offer, they can provide expert advice based on your specific prescription and needs. Additionally, some eye doctors’ offices have relationships with frame suppliers that allow them to offer discounted or exclusive pricing.

Recommended Online Retailers

1. LensCrafters:

LensCrafters is a well-known name in the eyewear industry, offering a wide selection of prescription sunglasses at various price points.

They have both an online presence and physical stores, giving customers the option to browse online or visit a store for a more hands-on experience. LensCrafters often has promotions and discounts available, making it a popular choice for affordable prescription sunglasses.

2. Target Optical:

If you’re looking for prescription sunglasses at budget-friendly prices, consider checking out Target Optical.

Target Optical combines the convenience of shopping at a retail store with the affordability of online retailers. They offer a variety of frame styles for prescription sunglasses and frequently have promotions and discounts available.


In the search for inexpensive prescription sunglasses, it is important to consider different purchasing options such as online retailers, brick-and-mortar frame stores, and eye doctor’s offices. Online retailers like,, EyeBuyDirect,,, LensCrafters, and Target Optical offer a range of affordable prescription sunglasses, providing various styles, customization options, and promotions.

Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar frame stores and eye doctor’s offices can provide a hands-on experience and personalized assistance. By exploring these options, you can find affordable prescription sunglasses without compromising on quality or style.

In conclusion, finding inexpensive prescription sunglasses is possible by exploring different purchasing options such as online retailers, brick-and-mortar frame stores, and eye doctor’s offices. Online retailers like,, EyeBuyDirect,,, LensCrafters, and Target Optical offer affordable and customizable options.

It’s important to consider factors that affect the cost of prescription sunglasses, such as designer and brand name, frame size, seasonal trends, prescription power, and where you make your purchase. By being informed about vision insurance coverage and understanding the limitations of prescription lenses and frames, you can make smart and cost-effective choices.

Remember, protecting your eyes while enjoying fashion and functionality doesn’t have to break the bank.

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